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Great ideas for perfect wedding gifts

You’ve got the invitation; you’ve organised your outfits and made sure you’ll be taking the next day easy. Next up is finding a great wedding present. But where do you begin?

Let’s face it, finding the perfect wedding gift for the bride and groom is never easy. Sure, you can always go for a run of the mill ‘safe’ wedding present that everyone else might already be planning to buy the happy couple. But what if the couple have been living together for years and already have basic kitchen equipment and household furniture? What if they are relatively financially stable and are not really in need of much for their home? What if they are renowned to have unusual taste?

Or in many cases these days, what if the couple didn’t go down the road of a wedding registry, instead leaving it to their guests to find them the perfect gift? They might have even asked for a simple monetary donation, but that’s not really something you’d like to do, preferring to give them a physical gift they can unwrap.

Whether they are close family, friends or colleagues, you want a wedding present that the happy couple will treasure and remember you for. Perhaps something that can be passed down to future generations when they start their family.

It’s not easy to decide where to go or how much to spend – but one thing you do know is that you are after a creative and thoughtful gift.

We’ve put together a few unique wedding gift ideas that the bride and groom will love so much, they will always fondly remember you for it.

Receive the gifts of your dreams!

If your special day is fast approaching and you’d like to create a bespoke Wedding List let us know. 

We have a beautiful collection of home décor and household items designed by some of the biggest fashion brands in the world: Versace, Rosenthal, Sambonet, Vista Alegre, Christian Lacroix, Roberto Cavalli to name just a few.  

Beautiful and useful wedding gifts.

A newlywed couple will always appreciate the basics. The items which they will use time and time again.

Everyone loves a nice cup of tea. Imagine the happy couple being able to serve a hot beverage in this gorgeous Versace Tea Pot. It’s eye-catching, but also practical. Sticking to the same concept, there is also a lovely Sugar Bowl in this collection.

If you’d like to mix up brands, you could add a Vista Alegre Gift Box, which includes four coffee cups and saucers featuring stunning artwork.

If the bride or groom are partial to afternoon tea, this Vista Alegre Cake Stand is jaw-droppingly pretty. You can finish off the tea concept with the Vista Alegre coasters which form a beautiful design when placed together in a row.

Versace linen such as bed sheets, bath towels or a matching set of bathrobes might offer the newlyweds a little bit of unexpected but welcome luxury. A marriage kicked off in both style and comfort.

For the more adventurous couple who have a penchant for animal prints, a Roberto Cavalli Snake Corkscrew breathes a little luxury into a home necessity. You could even top this up with some Roberto Cavalli Old Fashion Whisky Tumblers as well.

If you’d like to get them a larger item, we have a remarkable range of lampshades that bring light and style to corridors, living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. These are not currently available to see online, so please do visit us instore.

Classic wedding gifts.

There are times when you’re invited to a wedding where you’re not overly familiar with the couple’s style. Do they like a bolder design or do they have more classic, subtle taste? If the couple aren’t close relatives or friends, it can be difficult to judge. But there’s still a wide range of gifts to consider that are on the safer side.

Crystal is an old time favourite and with good reason. Crystal can create beautiful highlights in a home. Functional and long wearing, crystal gifts are both luxurious and practical.

Vista Alegre have a beautiful collection of crystal wear for the wedding couple’s home. Ranging from Whisky or Wine Decanters and Highball Glasses to Ice Buckets and beautiful Zanzibar Bowls. The Zanzibar Pitcher with its slightly off-centre design, is a gorgeous feature to add to a dinner table when the couple have guests over.

If there is a fireplace in the wedding couples home, a Crystal Time Clock would make a lovely feature, as well as a Tea-Light Holder, or Crystal Candlestick Holders.

A classic wedding gift that always comes in useful is a Sterling Silver 925 frame. An opportunity for the bride and groom to start preserving special memories and showcase them around their new home.

An unusual wedding gift idea.

Have you considered kick-starting a designer plate collection for them?

We’ve seen some gorgeous artwork on a feature wall created just using hand painted plates in various sizes and colours. Versace, Cavalli and Vista Alegre have some stunning plate designs, but it’s the Christian Lacroix plates that take ‘beauty’ to a whole new level. This brand is famous for phenomenal detailing and unusual designs.

These plates can be used in practical ways of course, but with such beautiful drawings and vibrant colours, they deserve centre stage. The beauty of starting a wall plate collection as a wedding present is that you can add to it as the years go by. Anniversaries, Christmas, birthdays – if the couple are relatives or close friends and likely to be in your life for the long term, it’s a wonderful way of gifting through time.

Raphael Azzopardi Gift Vouchers.

If you’re still stuck choosing the perfect gift, then gift vouchers could be a solution. They give the happy couple an opportunity to splash out on something they really want.

A Raphael Azzopardi Gift Voucher gives them the best of all worlds. They still get to choose a stunning and unique gift, which you’ll always take the credit for. And it’s more personal than if you had to simply provide a monetary gift.

You can order your Raphael Azzopardi gift vouchers right from the comfort of your home. Just select which artwork you prefer, add a personal message, decide on the amount you’d like to spend and review your purchase before concluding. We can email you the voucher, or we can post it.

There is nothing more exciting than the expectation of receiving a gift you know you’ll love. For the happy couple that’s three times as true. Afterall is there anything more wonderful than receiving something original, useful and that can be passed down to future generations?

With wedding gift ideas to suit everyone’s tastes and budgets, it’s worth visiting us in store so we can discuss the couple together and find the most suitable gift they will always treasure.

If on the off chance the bride and groom might need to change their wedding gift, we can easily offer them an exchange instore.

Still feeling a little unsure. Get in touch with us and we’ll show you around our shop and give you some great options for wedding gifts.