Marcello Pane is a trending jewellery label, famous for its exclusive collection of uniquely designed jewellery. With their keenness towards discovering unconventional designs, the company has come up with jewellery that is unmatched and exceptional. Conceived to fit around trending style statements, Marcello Pane collections combine sterling silver with other materials such as black rubber to create a striking contrast and jewellery pieces with a tonne of style.
Marcello Pane specialises in deviations. The artisans hired by the company keep their focus on trending as well as conventional thoughts and ideas, while putting their efforts into creating globally popular jewellery. Try out the rubber collection from Marcello Pane, a one of a kind discovery by the designer label. Restoring the fundamental value of silver, Marcello Pane silversmiths have gone to the extent of experimenting with rubber processing giving rise to ornaments with an unusual rubber finish. Marcello Pane is not only about jewellery for her but also accessories for him such as silver cufflinks, chevalier rings and bracelets. From earrings, rings and necklaces to bracelets, pendants and cufflinks, you can invest in a Marcello Pane product, available at Raphael Azzopardi online store.

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