When quality blends with style and form, something as exceptional as Sambonet’s collection of flatware comes into being. Whether you have taste for vintage designs or are attracted towards contemporary styles, Sambonet flatware will give you the best of both worlds. Sambonet comes in stainless steel or silver plated. Cutlery could have a different coloured finish such as copper, gold, champagne or black and if this is not enough, choose between a shiny finish or a satin finish. Adding a personalised design is also a possibility. Customise your own.
Give your table a flamboyant touch by introducing the aesthetically attractive flatware collection that strikes a balance between style and function. The creative designs are versatile and can very well comply with different interiors. Whether it’s for special occasions or everyday use, Sambonet cutlery sets are the finest amongst all. Sleek and sturdy or elaborate and well-built, the flatware collection is a must try if you are looking for perfection at its best. You can now buy Sambonet flatware and tableware from Raphael Azzopardi online store.

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