Portugal based Vista Alegre has been offering the world, artsy products in porcelain and crystal since 1824. The famous company first started off with its exquisite line of pottery and glassware. Over the years, the company spread its empire across the globe with its world-class products known for impeccable artistry. Porcelain and crystal home decor items, tableware, barware and crockery showcasing unique designs, boast of superior quality and excellent craftsmanship.
Are you interested in adding some of these exquisite pieces to your home? Visit Raphael Azzopardi and you will find some of the finest collections. You can choose from water and wine goblets, whiskey decanters and tumblers, ice buckets, wall hanging porcelain plates, full-lead crystal clocks, stylish coffee cups and saucers and impressively beautiful crystal vases and centerpieces. Pick from Vista Alegre elegant collections and accentuate your home decor.

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